Test WiDaF ®

The test "German as a Foreign Language in Business", Test WiDaF®, was developed by the German-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As a standardized, job-related German test, the WiDaF® test examines the ability of non-native speakers to use business German at work. It serves companies and educational institutions alike as a reliable instrument for the evaluation of listening and reading comprehension with special consideration of grammatical knowledge.

Test Structure

Topics: Trade, Production, Market Research, Finance, Human Resources, Advertising, Insurance, Trade Shows etc.
Listening: Simple statements, telephone conversations, dialogues, interviews, simulated situations from the world of work
Grammar: verb forms, declinations, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, language blocks

Reading comprehension: professional texts, e.g. Articles from the press, business letters, product descriptions, copywriting

The test assesses your knowledge of German objectively and classifies it into a level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
With this stepless measuring instrument, you always receive proof of your current language skills and can not fail as in an exam.

The WiDaF® tests are used in language courses for grading and learning progress measurement and as a final test.
Companies use the tests in the hiring and promotion of employees whose mother tongue is not German, as well as in-house language training.

Language schools and continuing education also use the tests as completion of certified vocationally oriented German language courses.

The Federal Employment Agency lists the WiDaF® tests in the Kursnet for courses with educational vouchers.
Academic institutions offer the WiDaF® test as an option to their foreign students for the application documents at the end of their studies as an internationally recognized language certificate for job-related German language skills.

German as a foreign language in business
International recognition and recognition
Standardized evaluation by multiple
Choice format within three weeks
Objective rating with GER rating
Service in over 600 authorized test centers
in German-speaking countries (D-A-CH)

WiDaF® Basic - for Beginners

 • Paper & pencil
• Listening and reading comprehension, plus grammar
• 60 min. Test time
• Levels A1 to B1 according to GER

Test WiDaF® - für Advanced

• Paper & pencil
• Listening and reading comprehension, plus grammar
• 60 min. Test time
• Levels A1 to B1 according to GER