Qualified and competent Language School

The Bildungszentrum Rheinfelden has offered specially designed courses for adults and companies.

You are guided by qualified teachers in German, English, French & Spanish individually or in small groups from beginner to advanced levels.

Our range of services in qualified language courses are aimed not only for international companies but also for individuals in Germany, Switzerland & France.

Our sophisticated offer is for advanced learners tailor-made for professional & personal demands. We offer individual and group lessons in different specialised fields with emphasis on individually planned classes.

Quality control plays an important role in our single & group classes and we offer the ideal solution to any requirement for a successful completion. Our range of services covers all professional fields starting with the commercial & pharmaceutical up until technical fields.

For private individuals

They are taught in single lessons or in small groups from the beginner to advanced levels by our highly qualified teaching staff in German, English, French and Spanish.

Language Courses for Companies

Quality is no coincidence. We can train your employees! The external appearance of a company is very important in today's times. Our range of qualified language training includes individual employee training. Since 2014, the Bildungszentrum Rheinfelden has also offered customized language courses for companies.

Good reasons for a language course

Learning a new language can have different reasons.

  • You always travel to the same resort and want to finally communicate in the local language

  • Your partner, new friend or acquaintance speaks a different language and gives you the motivation to learn it.

  • You want to promote your career through the language course, because you are working abroad or are seeking a promotion in an international company.

Needs Analysis for Companies -

Arrange a personal consultation or let us advise you by phone on 07623-6808 so that we can design a language course according to your needs.

Important requirements to learn a language successfully

  • Motivation: have the right attitude that helps pull you through & not be discouraged by setbacks. Not everyone has a vocation to learn a language.

  • Learning languages also means a good deal of diligence and discipline.

  • The right learning atmosphere can be crucial

Advantages of a language course?

  • In a language course, you learn with concept, adapted to your level of knowledge, so that motivation is maintained and progress can be made quickly.

  • You can specifically ask questions and receive direct feedback and valuable tips

  • In the courses we work with suitable material

  • Language lives from speaking. Here you can deepen your knowledge in a small group.

  • Group motivation - you are not alone

  • At the end you will receive a certificate documenting your acquired language skills.

Language Certification - We are now a test centre!

At the end of a language courses you have the possibility of documenting your progress and doing an online test from the LTS on our premises. We offer all certificates from LTS here at Bildungszentrum Rheinfelden.

More information https://www.language-testing-service.de

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Arrange a personal consultation or let us advise you by phone on 07623-6808

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